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This wiki is about the Conlang Meka Meko! Meka is inspired by Toki Pona as a conlang, as the goal was to make a simple language for all to speak! The goal of this website is to hold information about Meka Meko and to teach it to you in just a few days!

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What is Meka Meko?

Meka Meko is a simple, and easy to learn conlang, invented for all to speak. It has 14 letters in total and is simple to speak. There are only 120 words, as the definitions were inspired by the definitions of words in Toki Pona, in order to achieve such a small vocabulary!

As you can see (on the right), our image is of two fish. While creating the language, fish came to mind, so that is the animal of the language.

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